Teams Shortcuts

This tool extends the Microsoft Teams Windows Client with additional hotkeys and functionality.

How to install

See separate page here PowerTools Setup.

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You can also create an issue in GitHub.

How to use

You can start the Teams Shortcuts main menu by pressing the Windows+T Hotkey when a Teams window is active.

TeamsShortcuts Menu

In the menu you can also see which hotkeys directly run the features e.g. Alt+R for Smart Reply.

You can access some settings and features via the Teams Shortcuts System Tray Icon Menu.

Feature Highlights

Integrated Teams launcher

You can make use of the Teamsy functionality from Teams Shortcuts. See this blog post.

You can either launch the launcher from the Teams Shortcuts System Tray icon menu Launcher.

Teams Shortcuts Launcher Menu

Or assign a global hotkey to it.

Global hotkeys

New Conversation (Alt+N)

It will open a new conversation with the expanded compose box and move back the cursor right on the subject line - within one hotkey.

Teams Shortcuts New Conversation

See main blog post

Smart reply (Alt+R)

See main blog post

Teams Shortcuts Smart Reply

Send Mentions

See main blog post

TeamsShortcuts Send Mentions Gif

Meeting Live Reactions


If some features does not work properly, check-out if tuning these parameters can solve the issue.

Source code

Main code is contained in TeamsShortcuts.ahk Main Library used is Lib/Teams.ahk