This repository provides several tools bundled together under the term “PowerTools”.

This includes:

Teamsy Teamsy Launcher Teams Shortcuts
Run from third-party Application Launcher
e.g. Launchy or Executor
Includes Launcher. No need for third-party Launcher. Includes also Launcher functionality + other features.
Run from Command Line
e.g. StreamDeck integration.
Use only if you don’t use Teams Shortcuts PowerTool. Global Hotkeys
External Launcher is nice for scanning Teams Favorites.    

How to setup the PowerTools

See detailed explanation with video tutorial here. The Exe versions are available in the PowerTools subdirectory.

How to update the PowerTools

You can update to the latest version either one-by-one from each tool via its system tray icon context menu “Check for update”. Or by running the PowerTools Bundler, selecting which tools to update and choosing under the menu Actions->Check for update/ Download.

PowerTools Bundler Check for Update/Download


YouTube playlist

Source code

These tools are implemented in this repository using AutoHotkey.

You can run them either from the AHK source files if you have AutoHotkey installed or as compiled standalone .exe version (no need for AutoHotkey installation in this case.)